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Appendix 3: Of cheap food

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Mar. 11th, 2007 | 12:53 am
location: Paris
feeeeeelings: bouncybouncy

Today was an extraordinarily beautiful day, so we made the best possible use of it that we could: we picnicked.  In fact we ate our lunch of baguette, camenbert and spanish sausage in front of The Thinker, the centrepiece of the Rodin Museum's garden.  It was delicious, and cheap, too!  We bought a sizeable chunk of camenbert for €0.85, or just about $1.20, which would be around $4.50 at any North American deli.  After our delightful time at the museum, we decided to head to St Chapelle for last light, and we saw some marvellous displays of stained glass projected onto the wall there.  Apart from these activities, nothing else has changed: we're happily tired at the end of each day, Paris is full of wonder and surprises, and the food is delicious.  And the people here are all beautiful!  I think it must be illegal not to be beautiful in Paris!

The metro here is pretty nice, too.  Canada should look into copying it.

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